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08.01.2008 - The Lukoml Thermal Power Station

The power industry of Byelorussia is a highly developed up-to-date industry.

The leader of the republic’s power industry is the Badge-of-Honour Lukoml steam central power station named in honour of the 50th anniversary of the USSR. The installed capacity of the station is 2400 MW. The station is incorporated into the regional power system Belenergo and through the system it is linked with the Power Systems Interconnection of the CIS North-West territory.

The construction of the Lukoml power station started in 1964 and was carried out in two phases. Phase I power units were commissioned between December, 1969 and September, 1971. Phase II power units were placed in operation between December, 1972 and August, 1974.

Phase I power units are four double-boiler single-turbine arrangements, each unit of 300 MW capacity. Phase II is furnished with four 300-MW single-boiler single-turbine units.

The power units were updated with the result that the capacity of each unit was increased by 10 percent and now the available capacity of the power station is as high as 2640 MW.

General view of the Lukoml steam central power station
General view of the Lukoml steam central power station

Performance Characteristics:
Type of power station_________________________________condensing
Quantity and capacity of power units, pcs x MW______________8x300
Annual power output, billion kW x h______________________14,75
Station’s auxiliary power requirement, %___________________3,17
Specific consumption of ideal fuel per 1 kWxh of sold energy, g___318,0
Installed capacity utilization time per year, h___________________6100

The steam central power station as viewed from the permanent face
The steam central power station as viewed from the permanent face

Main Structures

Main Structures

The power station main structures are as follows: main building of phases I and II, integrated auxiliary service building, chemical water treatment system, fuel facilities, service water supply system, power transmission structures.

The main building is constructed of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements(with the exception of metal trusses and crane girders of the turbine and boiler rooms) using up-to-date building materials and structures. The column foundations are light in mass.

The main building is a three-bay structure: the turbine bay is 45 m long, the deaerator room bay 12 m, the boiler room is 33 m for phase I and 39 m for phase II. The columns are spaced 12 m apart.

Layot of main sream

Layot of main sream

The turbopower units are arranged crosswise. A boiler/turbine unit cycle arrangement with steam reheat is used.

Phase I units are composed of a single turbine per two boilers while phase II units have one turbine per boiler.

The turbine room is serviced by two overhead traveling cranes each of 125/20 tf lifting capacity. The boiler room is furnished with two 50/10 tf overhead traveling cranes.

The draft and blast-air fans as well as the regenerative air heaters are mounted outdoors behind the main building.

Flue gases are exhausted thought three 250 m high chimney stacks. Phase II chimney stack No.3 is built up of a reinforced concrete bearing casing accommodating four steel exhaust chimneys, one per power unit. Apart from their main purpose the chimney stacks perform the functions of supports for the transformer-to-switchgear flexible tie.

The integrated auxiliary service building consists of a four-storey section housing the administration and general service rooms, shop laboratories, medical station, canteen, and a single-storey section housing the chemical water treatment system, electrolizer department, mechanical engineering workshops, and central material store. The integrated auxiliary service building is connected to the main building by means of a gangway.

Turbine Room
Turbine room - General view

Chemical Branch
Chemical branch

The chemical water treatment system of 350 t/h capacity employs a three-step demineralization scheme with water being pre-limed and coagulated in clarifiers. Demineralized water is prepared automatically. Each power unit is furnished with a plant for complete demineralization of turbine condensate.

A system of purification works has been arranged to prevent pollution of the environment by waste water. It functions to clean oiled and fat-containing water and to neutralize water containing chemically active agents and rinsing water coming from the regenerative air heaters.

Fuel facilities. The power station is generally designed to burn high-grade fuel oil and its stand-by fuel is gas. The fuel oil facilities consist of fuel oil tanks each holding 10,000 m3, drain receivers, and two fuel oil pump houses. The pump houses accommodate first and second lift pumps, filters, fuel oil heaters(installed out-doors), control station, and general service room.

Fuel oil contained in tanks is heated by open steam.

The service water supply system is a recirculating type using the Lukoml lake as a cooling pond. The open earth headrace canal has a length of about 3800 m. Each of the two unit pump stations localted on the bank of the canal is furnished with vertical pumps, type ОП5-110K.

Water is passed from the unit pump stations and waste water is discharged through outlet funnels into the lake by means of steel pipes, 1800 mm in diameter.

Power transmission structures. The generated power is conveyed from the station via 110- and 330-kV outdoor switchgear installations.

The power units are connected via three-phase 400-MVA step-up transformers to the 330-kV outdoor switchgear. The 330- and 110-kV switchgear installations are interconnected through three autotransformers of 125 and 200 MVA capacity.

The 330-kV switchgear installation uses a breaker-and-a-half circuit arrangement with sectionalized busways. The 110-kV switchgear installation has two bus systems and a bypass bus system.

The station’s auxiliary power is conveyed over a 6-kV line via 25-MVA transformers connected through a tap to the generator.

400-MVA unit transformer
400-MVA unit transformer

330-kV outdoor swetchgear installation
330-kV outdoor swetchgear installation

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